School Facilities

The school is located in downtown Heber City, UT. There is plenty of parking on the street or behind the school for students and patrons alike. There is a reception area at the entrance of the facility, a clinic floor that consists of 12 stations, 5 nail stations, 3 pedicure stations, 4 shampoo bowls, 3 dryers, 4 facial beds, and 2 restrooms. There are 2 restrooms, 4 classrooms, break area, and administrative offices up stairs.

Grading Policy

Grading scale: 100%-90%=A, 89%-80%=B, 79%-75%=C, 74% and lower is not passing and will need evaluation to continue.

Grading will be based on theory testing and practical testing. Clinic work completed goes towards services completed and not generally weighted into the overall GPA.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the Bonnie Joseph Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering and receive a diploma, the student must complete contracted hours (See course description for specific hours), complete all clinical requirements, complete theory tests and practical assessments with a passing grade (75% or higher), and have arrangements made to pay tuition and fees in full. The student will be given a graduation survey and an exit interview, and the school will help the student prepare and register for the State Board tests.

Job Placement

Although the school cannot guarantee employment, we assist all students who seek help in finding job placement. Through class instruction students will learn about professionalism, résumé development, interview preparation, and job search skills. In addition, we take students on field trips to area salons so that they can network and we also bring in salon owners and they can tell students what they look for in their employees.

Official Withdrawal Policy

Students who are withdrawing from the School, need to sign a contract termination agreement. Official withdrawal will be the date of the signed termination contract. They will be charged a $150.00 termination fee; they will also be charged any outstanding charges and fees they have accrued. We will follow the refund policies stated on the contract and in the catalog page 6.

Academy Rules

Here at Bonnie Joseph Academy Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering, we believe the key to a successful career in cosmetology is hard work, dedication and a good sense of responsibility and organization. That's why we strive to teach our students how important it is to obey the rules of the work place, respect the code of conduct and the dress code that applies in a specific location. Please read the following Academy Rules, Code of Conduct and Dress Code.

Academy Rules

Code of Conduct

If any of the above codes are violated, that person may be subject to disciplinary actions.

Dress Code: Dress for Success!!!!

If you are in violation of the dress code, Instructors or staff members may clock you out to go home and change. Any student not returning is subject to a no show fee.

Refund Policy

1. An applicant not accepted for enrollment will be entitled to a refund of all monies, except for the non-refundable application fee of $100.00.

2. If a student, or his/her parent or guardian (of a student under the age of 18) cancels his/her enrollment and demands his/her money back in writing within three business days of signing the enrollment contract, all monies collected by the school will be refunded, except for the non-refundable application fee of $100.00. The cancellation date will be determined by the postmark on the written notification or the date said information is delivered to the School Director/Owner in person regardless of whether or not the student has actually started training.

3. If a student cancels his/her enrollment after the three business days of signing the enrollment contract, but prior to entering classes, he/she shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid to the school for tuition, books and kits(if not received), less the Registration fee.

4. For students that enroll and begin classes, the following schedule of funds is authorized if student has paid tuition in full or the amount due from student balance is figured as:

Percentage of Course Completed

.01% - 4.9%
5.0% - 9.9%
10.0% - 14.9%
15.0% - 24.9%
25.0% - 49.9%
50.0% - and over

Amount School Retains


Amount School Refunds


Enrollment time is defined as the time elapsed between the actual starting date and the date of the student’s last day of physical attendance in the school. Any money due shall be refunded within 45 days of formal cancellation by the student or formal termination of the school, which shall occur no more than 30 days from the last day of physical attendance, or in case of a leave of absence, the earlier of the date that the student informs the school that he or she will not be returning, or the documented date of return

5. The extra cost of items to the student, such as instructional supplies or equipment, services charged, books and kits are non-refundable.

6. All refunds will be made within 45 days. All money owed from the student is due within 45 days unless other arrangements/payments plans have been made.

7. For students receiving Title IV funds, (Financial Aid), the following applies: 1) If a refund is owed and the student received any financial aid that was applied to the payment of tuition and fees, the refund due will first be paid to the financial aid programs, then, if applicable, to the student. Federal Regulations require that any refund due be first allocated to the Title IV Programs. 2) The Federal share is calculated according to federal requirements and policies which could result in the student owing the school money. (Policies are available in the Financial Aid Office.) 3. Federal regulations are subject to change. Federal regulations in effect at the time of the refund shall govern.

8. In case of illness or disabling accident, death in the immediate family, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student, the school will make a settlement, which is reasonable and fair to both.

9. The school’s collection procedures shall reflect good taste, sound and ethical business practices. The NACCAS name will not be used in collection efforts.

10. Students who terminate will be charged a $150.00 termination fee.

11. If the school closes permanently and ceases to offer instruction after students have enrolled, or if a course is canceled after students have enrolled and instruction has begun the student shall be entitled to a Pro rated refund of tuition.

12. If a course is canceled subsequent to a student’s enrollment, the school shall at its option
Provide a full refund of all money paid.
Provide for completion of the course.

13. Students who withdraw or are terminated will lose scholarship monies and discounts, refunds will be calculated on the full tuition rate.

Admission Requirements

Bonnie Joseph Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering is seeking motivated students with a desire to achieve a high standard of competency to function successfully as a member of the cosmetology industry. An applicant seeking entrance into the institution must comply with the following admission requirements. The school does not recruit students already attending or admitted to another school offering a similar program of study.

  1. Students must be 14 years of age or older as per state law, because a student has the ability to graduate from a secondary school earlier than the age 18, see Item 4 a student under compulsory school age may enter into a training agreement. that allows them to study under the understanding and admission requirements of the training agreement in place between BJA and the secondary education entity, sample (Bonnie Joseph Academy and the WCSH Wasatch County School District) have a training agreement in which these students are under the stewardship of the main educational institution such as a High school or secondary educational entity or home school.  any student in a training agreement is not eligible for Federal financial aid.  and must maintain the grades in the training agreement. Once the training agreement has ended, and the student has a High School diploma or its Equivalent the student may enroll as a regular student. 
  2. High school diploma/GED; or
  3. State issued credential for secondary school completion or Documentation of current grades if home schooled equivalent to GED or High School diploma. Bonnie Joseph Academy has a policy in place to check the validity and authenticity of the said requirements and if a student’s diploma is of another country BJA may check to see if it is equivalent to a US Diploma **; or
  4. A training agreement must be in place between Bonnie Joseph Academy and with the school district or main educational source for the students secondary education, meeting the grades and requirements keeping them on track for high school graduation or its equivalent*. These students are not eligible for Federal aid until they have completed their secondary school and received a diploma, once they graduate they may then enroll into the school as a regular student. keep in mind if students don’t graduate they are not eligible after high school ends or the end of the training agreement to enroll at Bonnie Joseph Academy and finish, until they have completed the High School diploma or its equal.
  5. * A training agreement Students currently attending 8th - 12th grade must provide a transcript indicating the student is excelling with a C+ average or above. and on track for graduation.
  6. HS students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.
  7. Provide a Form of Government Issued ID (i.e., driver’s License, birth Certificate, passport, etc.)
  8. ** Students receiving Federal Financial Aid must present #2 and # 3.
  9. For Veteran students, all transcripts are required from previous training regardless of acceptance of hours. The institution is required by Veterans Affairs to show proof of all transcripts.
  10. Students with a foreign High School Diploma must have it translated into English and measured to see if it is the same equivalence of a USA High school diploma. BJA has a Policy in place to check for validity of diploma

How To Enroll

  1. Make an appointment for a personal interview with the Admissions Office by calling 435-654-9800.
  2. Visit and tour the Academy.
  3. Provide the school with proof of age and education.
  4. Complete all enrollment paperwork.
  5. Be accepted for enrollment.

Class Start Dates

Classes start every week.

The school is closed on the following holidays only: New Year, President’s Day, Spring Break, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Holiday, Pioneer Day, Martin Luther King Day, Independence Day, The week of the Christmas Holiday through New Year’s. Unexpected closings will be announced on local television or by phone.

Transfer Students

  1. The student must have previous training in the program entering.
    1. They must have an official transcript of academic grades and hours
  2. The student will be evaluated on his/her practical ability and theory through testing.
  3. Additional fees may be assessed for mannequins, textbooks, and kits
  4. The school has the right to recognize credit for all or part of the applicant’s previous training
    1. If the Board recognizes it
    2. According to degree of proficiency the student has on practical ability and theory
    3. According to the length of time that has lapsed since previous enrollment
  5. Tuition will be as follows
    1. 12.50 per hour needed.
    2. Allowable absent hours are based on 6% of contracted clock hours.
  6. Acceptance of hours, practical requirements and exams will be based on the student’s transcript as well as evaluation by a Bonnie Joseph Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering instructor. A transfer student must be able to satisfactorily test out of each phase of Bonnie Joseph Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering’s program.
  7. Transfer students are required to attend orientation.

Re-Entry Students

Former students of Bonnie Joseph Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering who wish to re-enroll must be approved by the school administration.

  1. Students who re-enroll outside of 180 days of withdrawal
    1. Will be subject to transfer student policy
    2. Will be charged $50.00 application fee
  2. Students who re-enroll within 180 days of withdrawal
    1. Will be charged as on the original contract
    2. All previous payments will be credited to the contract less any refunds made
    3. Credit for previous hours will be given
    4. May be evaluated in the same manner as a transfer student to determine class level
  3. Arrangement for satisfactory payment of tuition and fees is required prior to returning to school.
  4. Students who withdraw from Bonnie Joseph Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering and apply for a third re- enrollment must submit a written statement to the Education Manager prior to receiving approval to re-enroll in school.
  5. Program incompletes, repetitions and noncredit remedial programs generally do not apply to cosmetology or massage schools.
  6. A student that is allowed to re-enroll in Bonnie Joseph Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering may be required to complete a trial period or mandatory attendance based on previous performance.
  7. All re-entry students are required to attend orientation.

A student making satisfactory progress at the point of withdrawal may apply for re-enrollment in this school and will be considered to be making satisfactory progress at the point of reentry. A student failing to meet minimum satisfactory requirements at the point of withdrawal will be placed on probation for one month when accepted for re-enrollment.  The school does not have non-credit remedial programs.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Bonnie Joseph Academy of Cosmetology and Barbering does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender identity, national origin, age, color, ethnicity, political or religious preference, nor will we allow our students to do so.